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INTRAGRATION is a health care focused technology company aimed at changing the way our clients interact and are informed by their data. Our technologies allow health care professionals to see beneath the surface of their EHR data and take a more proactive approach to management of care, communication and the commercial side of the business.

We work with existing EHR technologies as well as through specialized integrations that allow us to “plug in” at the data level: meaning the typical constraints of existing systems are not limiting factors. Through rules-based forensic analysis; migration, retrieval and review of legacy data; and customized tools that help inform real-time decisions, INTRAGRATION is leading the industry to a new position of perspective.

you have challenges. we have options.

The INTRAGRATION product suite is comprised of three primary software modules coupled with a pair of archival/storage/retrieval options. Our goal as an enterprise is to address the most common challenges in health care technology with an elegantly adaptable solution that can grow with you over time. Our rules-based forensic analysis and alert tools (NOMENEO, GAIMPlan) help you manage your business and our migration and archival solution (MEDIPORT) ensures that legacy data is always at your fingertips. Our data warehousing products (OMNIKLOUD and OMNIBASE) ensure your data is safe, secure and accessible – when and where you need it most.



Daily Huddles and efficiency tools are in high-demand with the push for productivity and accountability; We have your solution.


More successful business decisions may be made when healthcare is guided by information lying beneath the surface of their data.


Take a closer look a this proprietary, HIPAA-compliant cloud framework that allows for secure storage, retrieval and access to the data.


Data warehouse solution for clients that require their information be stored in an on-site array to comply with specific business protocols.


The leadership team at INTRAGRATION is comprised of a group of industry and subject matter experts who recognize both the challenges and the opportunities present in today’s healthcare environment – and want to bring about positive change for the industry. Hailing from all sides of the business, this group represents a unique blend of technical savvy and innovation balanced with strong strategic and management experience, which allows us to not only provide stable and scalable solutions but also to truly understand the business needs that drive the demand for technology in the space.

clients & partners

INTRAGRATION has built its enterprise value on fostering, growing and maintaining quality relationships with clients and partners. We recognize that the most successful business is created when incentives are aligned and all parties have a hand in the ultimate outcome..


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