The OMNISCIENT product suite is comprised of three primary software modules coupled with a pair of archival/storage/retrieval options. Our goal as an enterprise is to address the most common challenges in health care technology with an elegantly adaptable solution that can grow with you over time. Our rules-based forensic analysis and alert tools (NOMENEO, GAIMPlan) help you manage your business and our migration and archival solution (MEDIPORT) ensures that legacy data is always at your fingertips. Our data warehousing products (OMNIKLOUD and OMNIBASE) ensure your data is safe, secure and accessible – when and where you need it most.

NOMENEO represents a powerful platform for health care enterprises to make successful business decisions – informed by the answers lying beneath the surface of their data.

The heart of NOMENEO is a rules engine that empowers our clients to Define, Identify and Resolve business challenges from both the clinical and administrative sides of the business. NOMENEO “plugs in” directly to the EMR database (and/or other systems) and runs its rules across the entire data set in an agnostic fashion. The constraints of system specific modules and their associated business processes are not a factor in this forensic analysis of the data: which means that the results returned for scrutiny are of great value, as they are generated to match specific, customized criteria that you help define and develop.

In fact, NOMENEO can not only provide insight and prompt team members to act on the findings, but it can also directly intervene. For instance: the system can analyze data flowing in from the surgical side and make a direct insertion into a specified field on the accounting/billing side if so desired. This could be of great benefit in the pursuit of timely, accurate charging for procedures. Likewise, if there was some information or alert that needed to be delivered to your clinical team from the business office as a result of a custom rule, this could be auto-generated and securely emailed directly to the specified recipients.

Additionally, NOMENEO can also be used to aggregate data outside of the EMR for specified uses you may desire such as the generation of PDF reports, image storage and retrieval, archives, etc… It can even be ported over to a desktop application – allowing you to access it for ad hoc queries in near real-time.

Mediport was specifically designed to meet one of the most frequent requests in today’s fast-changing health care landscape: Migration and/or archiving of legacy patient data.

The scenarios in which this service is needed are numerous: When a provider or group is purchased or changes affiliations; When a new EHR system is being adopted and data from the soon to be “sunset” system is still required for continuity; When data resides in a legacy system that is desired for use in a new environment. Historically, this process has taken considerable time and resources and presented a host of challenges.

Mediport approaches the task of migration and archiving in a “system agnostic” fashion, focusing instead on properly identifying and classifying the data to be extracted and thus ensuring that it is available for retrieval or real-time review in a format that makes sense to the user. What’s more, Mediport can also provide access to images, discreet data fields and allow for additional data to be added or amended if the situation demands.

Daily Huddles and efficiency tools are in high-demand with the push for productivity associated with the rise of ACO’s and the introduction of Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) recognition.

Implementing daily team huddles is an effective strategy to prepare clinic staff for the day and to avoid missed opportunities with patients. While seemingly simple, team huddles can be a powerful tool to enhance care coordination, improve patient and staff experience, and maximize efficiency.

Huddles have a number of benefits:

• They allow fuller participation of front-line staff and bedside caregivers, who often find it impossible to get away for the conventional hour-long improvement team meeting.

• They keep momentum going, as teams are able to meet more frequently

GAIMPlan (Group Accountablity and Information Management) offering takes all of the best attributes these highly efficient sessions and adds a powerful technology overlay that maximizes time and resources. Drawing data directly from the EHR, GAIMPlan can provide everything from basic patient data for quick team overviews to highly granular information that can change the course of a caregiving session or intervention.

Additionally, GAIMPlan can be utilized in clinical trial settings for candidate screening and identification or as a risk mitigation tool for time intensive RAC audits or PEPPER reviews. In fact, the value of GAIMPlan is being redefined by our clients on a regular basis. How could a well-informed team benefit your enterprise?

OMNIKLOUD is our proprietary, HIPAA-compliant cloud framework that allows for secure storage, retrieval and access to the data presented by various products in the ONMISCIENT suite.

Storing your patients’ information in a HIPAA compliant cloud system is safer than using a localized server or paper documents, according to recent findings from the US Department of Health and Human Services. The report found physical theft was the most common type of large data breach, which is virtually eliminated when utilizing HIPAA compliant cloud storage.

Information is stored in specialized data centers in multiple locations, maintained with the highest technological security standards. As a result, your patients’ data is much safer than it would be on a single client-side server in your office. Additionally, having your data securely stored in multiple instances eliminates the risk of catastrophic data loss due to natural disaster, theft or sabotage.

OMNIBASE is our premium solution for those clients that need their data to be secured in a physical location, oftentimes residing behind an existing firewall to comply with their business protocols.

More than just a “black box” to store data specific to products like NOMENEO, OMNIBASE can actually function as a data warehouse that interacts with and records/archives data from a variety of systems linked through our framework.

Development of your OMNIBASE will typically start with a template construct designed to accommodate on or more OMNISCIENT products working within your environment, but can also be enhanced and made business-specific through a bespoke engagement with our architects and engineers.

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