Alfred KleinManaging Partner


Al Klein is a seasoned technology veteran with an impressive track record of innovation. He began his career with Xerox Corporation, where he co-authored several United States and International patents in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering.  While working for Xerox, he was engaged to computerize his entire division’s annual budgeting and planning process – and thus began his path as a developer and technologist.

After advancing his skills in technology, Al left Xerox and began a career in IT consulting, returning to St. Louis to be with family in 1996. The majority of his early IT career was in data warehousing, business intelligence, business analytics, and enterprise reporting. In 2001, Al founded his first company, NetPositive, transitioning out of this business in 2010 to focus on healthcare IT. His experiences in healthcare led to his developing breakthrough products including Nomeneo, Mediport and GAIMPlan. Al is happily married and the proud father of two children.